Grappa develops and provides applications that are fully integrated with the ecosystem platform.

Our applications are built on the underlying technology, and we partner closely with major television platform providers to ensure that the integration is complete before the service provider deploys our applications — with the result that Grappa’s applications are easy to deploy, use and manage.

Confident as we are of our applications, we are equally confident of our commitment to on-going maintenance and support. Just as a service provider provides their subscriber with an on-going service, we provide the service provider with a service not only a black box of code.

We manage and monitor our applications and the systems behind them around the clock, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, in order to address issues before they occur.

Our applications integrate with all commonly used devices including but not limited to:

Young but highly experienced in the industry, we provide any application that can bring in an added value to our customers. Our research and development team continuous and round the clock efforts contribute in offering ready made off the shelf applications as well as tailor made solutions.

By endlessly working to improve our basic applications and developing more sophisticated ones, we set the standard for IPTV applications in a quickly evolving market.

Our basic set of applications includes the following:

  • Launchpad

    Application launcher that gives users’ access to the supported TV Application

  • Bootstrapper

    Enables users to launch multiple background applications simultaneously 

  • Customer Feedback App
    Customer Feedback App

    Allows users to be self-served by dropping their complaints directly to the IPTV provider

  • Mediaroom Installer Diagnostics
    Mediaroom Installer Diagnostics

    STB Diagnostic tool for checking, preventing and solving installation issues

  • Smart TV widget
    Smart TV widget

    Is a portal that facilitates TV viewers’ experience

  • What are you Watching?
    What are you Watching?

    Enables users to have an idea on what are their friends watching

  • What

    Displays the shows by categories for users and allows drilling down into a certain category

  • SD to HD
    SD to HD

    Detects when users are watching an SD channel having HD equivalent

  • Picture & Picture
    Picture & Picture

    Enables users to watch two different shows on the same screen

  • Mute

    Shows subtitles when users click the mute button

  • Smart RCU
    Smart RCU

    Enables users to operate ecosystems via smart devices (phone or tablet) as a Remote Control

  • RateMe

    Enables users to rate any sort of program that they are watching 

  • I-Record

    Enables users to record scheduled shows remotely

  • Smart Ads
    Smart Ads

    Allows the IPTV provider to insert ads in running shows 

  • MyWeather

    Adapts the Weather to the users current location

  • MyAgenda

    Provides an interactive calendar with the ability to schedule reminders

  • My Channel
    My Channel

    Enables users to create their own multimedia channel (movie, pictures, music…) and share it with their friends and or family

  • Tasty Recipes
    Tasty Recipes

    Enables users to check on any recipe while watching movies

  • FB App
    FB App

    Allows you to share, comment and upload pictures while watching TV

  • Twitter App
    Twitter App

    Displays twitter feeds for a channel

  • Deliver-It

    Allows users to order food by checking online the options available

  • Score Forecast
    Score Forecast

    Helps users to be part of the game by making their own comments and suggesting score views

  • MyFlight

    Allows users to check on Flight Schedules in available airports

  • MyMap

    Enables users to check on available maps

  • Phone Book
    Phone Book

    Is a link to the Yellow Pages

  • Healthcare App
    Healthcare App

    Allows users to access their health details from their TV

  • Wifi Portal
    Wifi Portal

    Allows mobile users to access the Internet through public WiFi hotspots